I am setting up a new samba environment based on Debian Jessie.Installation of PDC was succesfully and Windows clients were able to join. Have a problem at joining the Linux clients.

I was following the tutorial SAMBA Share with Active Directory Login but could not complete. I fail at "chgrp -R "Domain Users" /share, because he will not find the group "chgrp: invalid group: ???domain users???"wbinfo -u is WORKINGgetent passwd is WORKING and shows domain accountsBUT getent passwd (DOMAINUSER) will not show up anything.

I will paste my smb.conf, nsswitch.conf and krb5.conf, please help me :(


[global]workgroup=xsecurity=adsrealm=x.LOCALdomain master=nolocal master=nopreferred master=noprintcap name=/etc/printcapload printers=noidmap config * : backend=tdbidmap config * : range=10001-20000idmap config x : schema_mode=rfc2307idmap config x : backend=rididmap config x : range=500-20000winbind enum users=yeswinbind enum groups=yeswinbind use default domain=yeswinbind nested groups=yeswinbind refresh tickets=yeswinbind offline logon=truetemplate homedir=/home/%D/%Utemplate shell=/bin/bashclient use spnego=yesclient ntlmv2 auth=yesencrypt passwords=yesrestrict anonymous=2log file=/var/log/samba/samba.loglog level=2




passwd: files winbindgroup: files winbindshadow: files winbindgshadow: fileshosts: files dns winsnetworks: filesprotocols: db filesservices: db filesethers: db filesrpc: db filesnetgroup: nis

any ideas? Do you need more log files?

  • You must install libpam-winbind and libnss-winbind. Please check that in your /etc/resolv.conf your (samba4) AD domain is set as search parameter and your domaincontroller as nameserver. You already have winbind in /etc/nsswitch.conf. Do pam-auth-update and net ads join -Uadministrator again and try service winbind restart (or even a reboot, sometimes things get stuck) and getent passwd again.– Uwe BurgerNov 20 '16 at 7:19

according to your error message, there may not be a group "Domain Users" on your system, do a

$ grep "Domain Users" /etc/group

possibly you need to do:

# addgroup "Domain Users" (as root)

    Check out the setup guide at http://thepullen.net/wp/2013/03/using-winbind-to-resolve-active-directory-accounts-in-debian/. Also make sure libnss-winbind is installed.

    You can test winbind itself with 'wbinfo -u' (should return a huge list of all your domain users).

    the command 'id xxxx' will try to find info about just user xxx using the system/nsswitch.conf configuration. Between those you should be able to figure out where the problem is.

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