I had 2 days of labor lost when compiling and getting errors. I finally ran memtest and found that one of my 6 year old stick of GSKILL ram had errors(by the way... they never replied to the RMA lifetime warranty request).

I'm building a new desktop system(non gaming...mainly for dev and web hosting).

I really want to get ECC ram this time. But I also want to get the intel i5-7500T because it's low wattage, but it does not support ECC. AMD does offer ECC, but they run hotter/has higher wattage than I would like.

I don't see myself rebooting and running memtest as a routine to be proactive. I can't use registered ram because most desktop motherboards do not support registered/buffer ram.

Is there a ECC alternative for real time RAM error handling/checking?

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"by the way... they never replied to the RMA warranty request)" - You attempted to request an RMA after 6 years? Most memory comes with a year warranty at most.– Ramhound2 days ago
What exactly is your objective? Having ECC RAM doesn't magically protect you from bad RAM modules...– Twisty Impersonator2 days ago
No but at least you are told when they happen... The original IBM PC had parity checking (better than nothing, even if not as good as ECC...)– xenoid2 days ago
@TwistyImpersonator - Actually ECC ram can both correct 1 bit errors and detect >1 bit errors, so it's quite useful here– davidgo2 days ago
@davidgo I'm not suggesting it's not useful, but the OP has complained his RAM is bad, suggesting he may expect ECC to resolve more than transient errors. Rather than assume his expectation, I thought it better to ask...– Twisty Impersonator2 days ago

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