I am testing a spare machine that have 3 NICs and installed with Win7 Ultimate x64. I am using a pfsense box that sits between my modem and the rest of my home network. The objective of my test is to see if I can replace my pfsense box with a Win7 box. I am horrible at using pfsense as I find it very hard to learn how to use it properly.So far I am able to use 2 NICs - one NIC (LAN) and the other (WAN). This way, machines in 192.168.3.x range can access internet. I want to create another network (say using the 3rd NIC and able to access internet. I tried to use ICS but ICS only allows me to select one but not both interfaces. Is there a way to make ICS adopt 2 NICs so that and can access internet? Or any other methods? Thanks.

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