I’m trying to set up a IOT device ( programmable module, called flyport wifi pro ) to send emails when in an alarm condition, the IOT device is set up in a factory so there are a few obstacles to get through, those being a router and firewall (both which I have access to).

I use the following settings to set up the gmail server to send emails myemail@gmail.com, destinationAddress@ gmail.com, password, smtp.gmail.com, port SSL 465

On my gmail account I also had to enable IMAP on google and turn on enable emails from less secure accounts

I have double checked all these settings are right. But I get an error report on my IOT device, 32769, I have done some research on this and what it says is that the IOT device failed to connect to the STMP server.

What I haven’t done yet is to open port 456 on the firewall or router, but this is a tricky job and before I start I would like to know if this is the right thing to do?

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Opening port 465 likely won't have any effect, firewalls generally block traffic from outside coming in, not inside going out. Your settings are correct. Have you tested it with a laptop on that port using something like Thunderbird or other email client to send via SMTP where you can actually see the log information if it fails?– acejavelinJan 12 at 22:38
@acejavelin not yet I might test thunderbird, thanks for the comment !– benJan 12 at 22:42
What kind of “IOT device?”– JakeGouldJan 13 at 3:59

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