So I'm kinda re-opening an old theme here.

I use Firefox (and FoxyProxy+TabGroups) to access the different environments, let's say DEV/TEST/PROD... Different servers in different environments may have the same local IPs - i.e. server_A in DEV network accessible through proxy_A is as well as server_B in network TEST behind proxy_B.
I have configured several SOCKS proxies (could be tested by running SSH connections to jump servers with -D ). Could use CONNECT if that matters.
AFAIK Firefox's proxy settings are profile dependent. Running multiple FF instances makes my desktop a mess and consumes all my RAM in 2 minutes.
When I switch from proxy to proxy with FoxyProxy, some JS driven apps in tabs just time out, some log me out, once I got my account locked, others do even more nasty things (websocket sometimes magically reconnects from TEST to PROD app, should report that to security LOL )...

Now - here comes my idea - if I could read some of the properties of the Tab in proxy.pac (which is essentially Javascript), let's say "TabGroupName" or any other tab specific value I could return PROXY depending on that value instead of target IP/hostname. That could even allow me do it dynamically by setting the group name to "PROXY|"

Makes sense? I'm no JavaScript expert thus asking - would something like that be possible? Tried to do some PoC but it seems I've lost the train some 10 years ago...

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