When connecting my XBox One to my laptop via ICS I am able to open port 3074 required to receive an open NAT type, but other ports do not appear to open when added using the same method as 3074, using the Advanced Settings on my Wi-Fi adapter.

I am also using a crossover cable, and the firewall is disabled; I'm routing through Open-WRT with UPnP enabled. I have also tried forwarding the ports from the router to the Wi-Fi adapter, though this was not required for 3074, this also did not open alternative ports such as 3075.

Bridging is not an option, as I require ICS for network testing my indie game.

XBox OneIP:

Ethernet IP: Empty

Wi-Fi (ICS)IP:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Just a very late update to this post, in case someone is still searching for this (like I did).

It is possible to forward port in ICS (at least in Win 7 & 10), right in the "Settings" button where you activate connection sharing.

Best shown in: http://www.utilizewindows.com/internet-connection-sharing-ics-configuration-in-windows-7/

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