I'm using FileZilla to connect to my SFTP server. But when I'm trying to connect, it gives me this error

Error: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)

I have generated a private key with PuTTYgen and added it to FileZilla but this error still appears.

What does this error mean? And how can I solve it?

    The error means that FileZilla tried all available authentication methods and have not succeeded. In your case, there was only public key authentication method available (a method that the client [FileZilla] and the server agreed on mutually).

    As you claim that you have set up FileZilla correctly, chances are that you have not configured the public key on server-side.

    For instructions see:

    Though actually all the guides expect that you have a way to connect (e.g. password authentication). What does not seem to be the case. Possibly your server administrator/hosting provider has its own mechanism for setting up the public key authentication.

    If you specify, what is your server like, you may get more specific answers.

      I had the same problem and managed to solve the issue.

      When using filezilla and sftp, it is important that you have full permissions for the folder where the ppk file is

      Easiest way is to save the ppk file in the USER\your_user_name\Documents folder.You may need to set permissions manually for other locations.

        In my case I found that the FileZilla configuration I had was using an outdated user name for password authentication.

          I had similar issue error was Error: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)

          Ans: Simply go to filezilla-Edit-settings-sftp-Add key file--add your ppk file-ok

          connect again and issue resolved

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