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I was previously using a corporate modified version of Maverick. After Yosemite is out, I immediately upgraded my OS to the latest ones. However, since I'm upgrading from a corporate modified version, when it's booting up in Yosemite (showing the progress bar), it has 80% of chance to halt at the middle of the progress bar.

I believe that something is wrong; but I got no clue.

I want to ask, during the boot-up in Yosemite, is it possible to see the details when the progress bar progresses?

Thanks a lot.

    You can't see the details when the progress bar is there. To see details, you can boot in verbose mode, by pressing CMD + V.

    • Thx, I've just tried. It seems that by pressing Cmd + v, I can see the details before the progress bar; but no detail show up when progress bar presents.– songyyOct 28 '14 at 18:30
    • Not what is meant to happen! It should show the complete boot, maybe Yosemite is odd like that!– EdGOct 29 '14 at 16:13

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