I'm trying to send an email with mutt but get an error like so:

TLSv1.2 connection using TLSv1/SSLv3 (ECDHE-RSA-AES128-GCM-SHA256)
SASL authentication failed
Debugging at level 5.
Could not send themessage.

My mutt config (~/.muttrc):

set ssl_force_tls=yes
set from="mulligun81@gmail.com"
set realname="Darek"
set imap_user="mulligun81@gmail.com"
set imap_pass="asmd0077"
set folder="imaps://imap.gmail.com:993"
set spoolfile="+INBOX"
set postponed="+[Gmail]/Drafts"
set header_cache=~/.mutt/cache/headers
set message_cachedir=~/.mutt/cache/bodies
set certificate_file=~/.mutt/certificates
set smtp_url="smtps://mulligun81@gmail.com@smtp.gmail.com:465/"
set smtp_pass="asmd0077"
set move=no
set imap_keepalive=900

As suggested elsewhere i've

  • gnutls-bin (gnutls-3.4.13)

  • openssl (openssl-1.0.2h)

  • libsasl2 (cyrus-sasl-2.1.26)


PS.Why doesn't the debug option gives any info?

  • Are you sure it's a good idea to post your Gmail password here?– grawityFeb 7 '17 at 14:11

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