While I was trying to connect an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard through a bluetooth dongle on my PC, I've also downloaded and installed the Boot Camp for Windows (it was an .exe file, so I ran it, because I was curious). Now that I give up trying to connect the keyboard through the dongle, I also want to uninstall the Boot camp program on my Windows. I looked it up several times already, but all posts are about Windows on Bootcamp, not Bootcamp in Windows. Somehow there are no uninstall files nor has the 'Programs and features' the option to delete it, it only shows Change and Repair. How can I uninstall this?

  • The same here :( I've tried msiexec /x .\BootCamp.msi but it fails with "This installation package could not be opened..." error message. Can anyone help here?– ArtyomOct 6 '16 at 12:35

Did that with the help found at that post using Microsoft's troubleshooter from here. Other answer here didn't help.

    The correct command is msiexec /x BootCamp.msi

    Same situation here and I remove bootcamp with this command.

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