Speeding Up Internet Access through OpenVPN/Privoxy - Super User © superuser.commost recent 30 from superuser.com2018-07-19T23:27:46Zhttp://superuser.com.xemphimonlines.com/feeds/question/1285312http://www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/rdf http://superuser.com.xemphimonlines.com/q/12853120Speeding Up Internet Access through OpenVPN/Privoxy © superuser.comfnyhttp://superuser.com.xemphimonlines.com/users/623702018-01-14T02:43:35Z2018-01-16T14:23:43Z<p>I have a server with blazing connection speed that I use as a VPN through OpenVPN. When I travel to a place with atrocious bandwidth, I often revert to using Opera Turbo and UC Browser to speed things up, but I'm not to keen on having my traffic flow through a 3rd party.</p><p>Are there any way to enable compression through OpenVPN/Privoxy to get a similar performance boost?</p>http://superuser.com.xemphimonlines.com/questions/1285312/-/1285364#12853640Answer by davidgo for Speeding Up Internet Access through OpenVPN/Privoxy © superuser.comdavidgohttp://superuser.com.xemphimonlines.com/users/1377862018-01-14T08:03:18Z2018-01-14T08:03:18Z<p>You will always be limited to the bandwidth available to you from your In the general case, probably the best you can do is to send your traffic via OpenVPN - and turn on compression for that OpenVPN connection.</p>